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Motel 6

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Rest Your Body, Mind & Spirit at the Motel 6 of Eagle Pass, Texas

Conveniently located right off the main highway, the Motel 6 of Eagle Pass is a smart decision for all employers seeking quality but affordable lodging for their oilfield workforce. Eagle Pass is a safe and exciting area for your team to experience during their stay, while the accommodations are so comfortable that they will debate whether or not to leave the hotel in their off hours.

Why Choose the Motel 6 of Eagle Pass, Texas for Your Workforce Lodging Needs?

The Motel 6 in Eagle Pass, Texas is held to the same high standards of cleanliness and hospitality that all other hotels in the chain are expected to maintain. Their room selections offer guests the choice of one or two beds, depending on the number of people intending to stay in each room. Rates vary between the two styles, but are well within virtually any budget.

Get Everything Your Team Could Need & More at the Motel 6 of Eagle Pass

In addition to the traditional amenities like complimentary coffee and free cable in the rooms, guests at the Eagle Pass Motel 6 also have access to an outdoor swimming pool, a full-sized casino just miles away, dozens of nearby restaurants, and even a golf course!


Type: Hotel
Address: 2338 E Main, Eagle Pass TX 78017

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